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Serving San Diego, Orange, San Bernadino, Riverside & Los Angeles Counties

Practice Areas

The firm’s practice focuses on civil matters. Ms. Wakefield works in many different arenas affecting consumers and businesses including but not limited to community association matters, employment issues, insurance claims, debt collection, contracts, and foreclosure/real estate. If you are being sued or have been threatened with a lawsuit, you need Ms. Wakefield’s help. If you want to file a lawsuit, you need her help.  She’s a zealous advocate and will work diligently on your behalf from beginning to end. She has a proven track record of reaching a high degree of successful settlements and results for her clients.

Collection Matters
Are you fed up with the failed attempts to get the money that’s rightfully owed to you? If you need a debt collected, you need to call this firm. Ms. Wakefield has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in judgments on behalf of consumers and businesses against debtors – often without expensive or lengthy litigation.

Real Estate/HOA Law
Is your homeowners association (HOA) giving you grief? If so, Ms. Wakefield is here to help. An HOA often has abundant financial access and expensive lawyers that you don’t have (but which you are helping to pay for).  This can be intimidating and frustrating for homeowners to challenge them. This firm is here to HELP YOU. Even if your assessments are behind, we can often get you on the right track again.  Is your landlord (or tenant) doing something that’s causing you concern? I also help with other real estate matters such as contractual disputes, unlawful detainers, pre-foreclosure, non-judicial foreclosures and post-foreclosure debts. My mission is to save your home and your sanity, without taking you to the cleaners and preventing any prolonged distress. See our Homeowners Association (HOA) Law page for more detailed information.

Business Law
Businesses often have disputes with other businesses or with consumers. That’s part of life.  While it is never a pleasurable experience, often reasonable minds prevail and disputes can be resolved and settlements achieved. Ms. Wakefield has represented hundreds of business and helped them navigate the legal process to a fair resolution. She also counsels businesses on business formation, reducing exposure and liability, strategizing and planning for the success and growth of your business. She provides counsel on a one-time or ongoing basis and will even come to your business to review your current status with you.

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