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“It’s not enough to love animals; we must actively protect and preserve them. It’s our duty and responsibility as custodians of this planet.”

— Daphne Sheldrick

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Danielle Wakefield is a 23 year practicing attorney in San Diego, California. She has diverse experience including but not limited to: real estate law, community association (HOA) law, business/contract/commercial disputes, and estate planning.

Danielle has a strong word-of-mouth following. She is referred to by former clients and colleagues as a zealous advocate with a proven track record of reaching good results for her clients. What her boutique firm is able to provide is personalized attention. You can expect fast and reliable communication from Danielle by email and telephone no matter the size of your matter. This personalized attention is what many larger firms lack. Her extensive knowledge of the law, impeccable attention to detail, and honesty combined with her naturally disarming personality will put you at ease and get the job done for you. All of this ensures that her clients can trust they will be represented with their best interests and well-being in the highest regard.

When you’re facing a life situation as difficult as litigation and need the help of an attorney, what you desire most is:

  • An attorney who has integrity
  • An attorney who makes you feel important (because you are)
  • An attorney who has compassion
  • An attorney who will fight for who is right (YOU)
  • An attorney who won’t charge exorbitant fees

If you seek an attorney you can trust to provide all of the above and more, call the office today.

Interested in seeing what former clients have to say about Danielle’s work? Check them out here.

Client Reviews

It’s clear that once I got rid of the original attorney and hired Danielle, the HOA’s attorney started treating us with respect, because they know her reputation. She told me where I stood, and made a quick favorable settlement – exactly as she said she would.
– Alan (Avvo)

She followed through with action, even when our case took unexpected turns. Her hard work paid off, the judge granted us everything we asked for!
– Joanna Lynne (Avvo)

She guided me every step or the way and fought for me. I really can’t thank her enough. If you want real results hire Danielle.
– Anonymous (Avvo)

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Bar Association Affiliations

Tom Homann LGBTQ+, Danielle Wakefield
San Diego County Bar Association, Danielle Wakefield
Orange County Bar Association, Danielle Wakefield

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