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Kids Protection Planning

Our Approach

One of our areas of greatest expertise is planning for the well-being and care of the children you love.

Without proper planning, if the unthinkable happens to you, then the unthinkable could happen to your children too.

Your children could be placed into child protective services even if you have a Will in place, and they could be left in the care of the one person in your family you would never want raising them. A probate judge who does not know you or your children will decide who will raise them.

To boot, a court process can tie up the assets used to support your children for months or years and deprive your kids of the resources they need to live comfortably, and then when your kids turn 18, they get a check for whatever is left – outright with no protection and with no adult guiding them. (And there are unscrupulous people who make it their business to review public records to find out what 18 year olds are coming into money.)

The vast majority of estate planning attorneys simply do not address these issues and do not plan from a parent’s perspective.

This is why we offer a Kids Protection Plan with every estate plan we prepare for families with young children.

A Kids Protection Plan is a comprehensive set of instructions, legal documents, and ID card for your wallet so that you have what you need at any moment, in case you have kids at home who count on you for their well-being and care.

If you are in an accident or if anything else happens, your Kids Protection Plan will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a probate judge who does not know you or your children.

We help:

  • Single parents with minor children
  • Couples with minor children
  • Nuclear families
  • Blended families
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren
  • LGBTQ families with minor children
  • Parents with adopted children
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